Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza or whatever holiday(s) you celebrate at this time of year and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR

Today I had the opportunity to do a video that will be posted soon. The video was set up to be a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to my clients past, present & future as well as family and friends.

In this video I spoke about what’s happened in 2010 – including:

• Tax credits were available from the Federal Government and from the State Of California this year for purchasers of homes.

• Interest rates went to record lows and are now climbing.

• The REO inventory is increasing especially HUD homes.

• Antelope Valley economic trends – including:

o Mayor Jim Ledford was on TV yesterday indicating that the City of Palmdale has seen a 2 ½% increase in sales tax revenues for 3rd quarter 2010. This is only about $78,000 in actual income, but that’s a program that had been eliminated or it could be an increase in a current program.

o I attended the A V Chevrolet grand opening celebration in the Lancaster Auto Mall. Mary R Rex Parris of the City of Lancaster celebrated the auto malls positive changes over the last few years and the increased vehicle sales we’ve seen. Lou Gonzales the owner of A V Chevrolet announced that since their official opening date in the Lancaster Auto Mall of November 10, 2010 they’ve sold $2,000,000 in inventory – this figure is accurate as of end of business yesterday.

I ended this video with a message that 2011 will be a better year and that with the economic stimulus’ in our local economy now is the time to buy or sell.

I hope that if I continue to be positive about 2011, that I will speak into existence a better 2011 – 2010 was tough for me and many of my REALTOR friends, I’m hoping that we will make good choices and that 2011 will be better.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza or whatever holiday(s) you celebrate at this time of year and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

You’re Only Hurting Yourself

In the last 2 years of being a Full-Time REALTOR I’ve picked up some interesting information regarding Social Networking. Here’s something that I figured out for myself – with a little help from my e-PRO class and the Bridges Brothers.

Facebook is a great MARKETING Tool when it’s used properly. In one form or another you should have ALL of your e-mail addresses tied to your Facebook profile.

What does this mean?

I wear many hats, volunteer at different organizations, work as a BNI Area Director and am a Full-Time REALTOR and mobile notary. I have about 3 e-mail addresses that I use daily, each is for a different hat.

Notary/Stoebe Services: – this is for mostly my personal correspondence and ALL my family, church friends and personal friends use this e-mail address. This e-mail is part of my personal FACEBOOK page.

REALTOR: – in my e-PRO class the first thing you learn is that it is important to have your own domain that travels with you no matter which company you work for. is that personal fully owned website that I own. Any and ALL real estate correspondence comes from

BNI Area Director: – as an Area Director I must be able to be reached by my fellow BNIers and by my Executive Directors – this e-mail automatically forwards to my so that it does not get confused by my Real Estate peers.

Company E-mail: automatically forwards to my e-mail so that it is always tied to my real estate e-mail.

Now on Facebook I have a personal page for myself Tamara Stoebe - which I will occasionally post real estate things, but tied to this personal page I have all of the above e-mails attached to this account so ANYONE looking for me if they have the above e-mail addresses can find me.

BUT on Facebook I also have a Fan Page - - on this site all information is tied to a website:

Now what happens if 3 years ago I worked with someone at the local escrow association (I worked for 21 years in California Escrow) they have my f/k/a, by searching either of these e-mails on FACEBOOK they will find me and we can reconnect.
If your FACEBOOK page is tied to your CURRENT e-mail address ONLY, and that address is tied to a specific company ie: and you leave that company and now it becomes something like – make sure you update your FACEBOOK friends so all clients and friends can FIND you. Isn’t that what Real Estate is all about – your Sphere of Influence? Make sure your clients can find you by more than your name, brand yourself everywhere.

What do I recommend? Make sure that you have an e-mail address that no matter which company, what state, wherever you go your clients can find you. If they are in California and you’ve now moved to New York, you can get a referral fee by referring your client to your favorite Realtor you left in California, or your best friend from High School moves to Florida and remembers how much they enjoyed your company in High School and heard a rumor you were a REALTOR they search for you on FACEBOOK and they use maybe a personal e-mail you have because that’s the e-mail a mutual friend had for you. Wa La another referral opportunity.

Update your FACEBOOK profiles with all your e-mails. Good luck and I hope that this works as well for you as it has for me.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Watching the Dallas / Philadephia game with my husband and son

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit

As a REALTOR actively working with buyers in the Antelope Valley (Palmdale/Lancaster/Rosamond) of California, I have a quite a few buyers actively looking for their first homes.

On June 10, 2009 a bill to extend the first time homebuyer tax credit was introduced in congress. You can track its progress at -- this is Bill H.R. 2801

A tax credit of any type would be helpful to buyers. Many of the homes currently available in our area are older homes, many needing new carpet, upgraded kitchens, paint, landscaping and a myriad of other things. Though homes may qualify for an FHA or Conventional loan, the home will still need more work. Several of my buyers who closed earlier in 2009 actually re-filed their 2008 tax returns to obtain their tax credit for miscellaneous repairs and landscaping items.

I know that I may look at the world sometimes with rose colored glasses, I think that encouraging homeownership is a good thing. With lenders foreclosing on more homes, we need to encourage the existing buyer pool to purchase now.

Panic is setting in with buyers. We are in the 2nd week of October, and with properties taking a minimum of 40 days to close escrow with a traditional loan, we are very close to not being able to close on or before December 1st 2009, the current deadline on the existing program.

However you feel, take a moment and let your congressperson know.

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

I remember when I was a kid in elementary school and throughout high school, Labor Day, the last hoorah of summer then the first day of school on Tuesday.

During High School I worked the games at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and it seemed that I always worked on Labor Day. It was the last hoorah of summer, right? The Boardwalk was always busy until about 6 p.m. when people started packing up and heading home.

Then, I worked in retail and in a movie theater, Labor Day was just another work day for me. People still needed to play and do the things that we do other days of the week, only they got to do it on Monday instead of Saturday or Sunday.

Then I spent 20 years working for Escrow and Title Companies and Labor Day was a day of REST!!

NOW I'm a REALTOR full time, Labor Day, is back to being a day to work. Alot of my Facebook buddies today were talking about all the fun things they were doing with their families and friends. I on the other hand was holding an Open House with my trusty lender from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Though the last visitor didn't leave til almost 3 p.m.

We had several visitors, people visiting family in the area, others just out doing their various errands. We had a total of about 30 people through the house, and I think that we may have gotten 1-2 potential clients from this Open House.

I do my best not to work on Sundays, so I work as hard as I can the other 6 days a week. I am glad I worked today, yeah maybe it was only 3 hours, but it was still a good day. Now I can rest from my labor, have a great rest of the holiday.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Offers on HUD Homes this Week

This has been an interesting week with respect to writing offers. Last week I wrote two HUD offers; One for a Lancaster property listed by HUD for $57,500 and another in Rosamond listed by HUD for $45,000.

Due to HUD guidelines, FHA buyers besides coming in with 3 1/2% down payment must pay any overage they bid on a HUD home between list price and purchase price. For example, the list price of the Rosamond house was $45,000. The HUD appraiser appraised the house at $45,000. This appraisal has been assigned an FHA Case Number which means this appraisal must be used by the buyer’s lender. IF my buyer had offered $55,000 the minimum value based upon actual activity in the area where this property is located, my buyer would have to come in with $10,000 down, the difference.

Since my buyer actually offered $45,000 he only needs to bring in his 3 ½% required down payment or $1,575 a difference of $8,425. My buyer won the bid and we submitted the contract to HUD this week.

Now for Lancaster, my client bid $57,700 and the house actually sold at $80,020.

WHY?? There is no rhyme or reason to this process I feel. IF you are interested in looking at a HUD home, check out the following site:

Northern California for Kern County Properties

Southern California for Los Angeles or other Southern California county properties.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Short Sales

What is a short sale?  They are the type of transaction today that we are seeing alot of.

A short sale occurs when the owner of a property owes more on their loan than they can sell their house for.  This is the simplest definition.

The owner for a myriad of reasons has determined that they must sale.  The reasons for this can include move due to illness, job transfer, job loss, etc.

Some things a buyer of a short sale needs to be aware of:

1.  Just because the house is listed for sale, does not mean that the seller can sell the house.

2.  When an offer is submitted to the Listing Agent on behalf of their seller, the buyer is submitting the offer contingent upon the seller's existing lender giving their approval of the short sale. 

3.  It can take the existing lender 30 days to 18 months or more to provide short sale approval.  Keeping in mind that the existing lender does not have to approve the sale.    What this means is that the buyer may want this house, make an offer and wait not looking at any other property for 6 months or more waiting on a seller's lender to make up their mind on the sale, and after 7 months the lender could come back and say that they will not authorize a short sale.

What does the seller do then?   A seller will continue to struggle to make their payment, move without making any more payments, try to get a renter, etc.

IF the lender decides not to accept the short sale, then this house will most likely end up being an REO (Real Estate Owned) by the bank.  The foreclosure process is lengthy and I'll address this in another post later.

Buyers and Sellers beware, a short sale can be a long process.  You want to work with an agent who will help you accomplish your homeownership goals.

Call me to discuss your real estate needs.